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FOR SALE! Mercedes Benz 300TD 1983 Turbo Diesel Station Wagon
1983 Mercedes Benz 300TD restored station wagon. This is classic Mercedes Benz with the turbo diesel engine that is known for its unmatched reliability. This 300TD has undergone a significant restoration. The major restoration work includes the following:
  • All rusted areas were cut out and new metal was patched in. mainly the rocker panels and wheel wells. after the patching was complete it was reundercoated and repainted.
  • The entire interior was removed and shampooed/cleaned prior to reinstallation.
  • The entire car was resprayed in Maganese Brown (480H) the original color it came from the factory with done professionally by ACA Auto Repair.
  • Some interior pieces were changed, drivers seat was replaced with one in better condition, the dashboard was also replaced with one in better condition.
  • New windshield seal and both front door seals
  • Valves were adjusted and a new valve cover gasket was installed
  • A diesel purge was performed and afterwards both fuel filters and fuel lines were replaced
  • Oil and filter was changed
  • Oil filter housing gaskets were replaced
  • Injectors were swapped with lower milage ones (I was told they had 20K miles on the nozzles).
  • Self leveling suspension valve was rebuilt.
  • New accumulators for the suspension were installed.
  • New rear subframe mounts and sway bar linkage was installed
  • A/C system has been converted to 134A refrigerant and a new filter dryer was installed.
  • Transmission fluid, filter, and pan gasket were changed.
  • Differential fluid changed.
The tires are in good shape with plenty of life left on them, the rear tires are winter tires. I can include two other all season tires if you want to swap the winters to all seasons. The odometer was not working when I purchased this car so the entire speedo was swapped. The milage on the original speedo was 287K miles. All the vacuum locks work but after a day or so of sitting only the drivers door will unlock with the key until the car is running again. so there is a slight leak in the system somewhere. I have a clean Colorado title for this car.

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