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Unimog 352 Turbo
Unimog 352A Turbo
Here is another complete turbo setup off of a 352A. Includes everything you see in the photo. A cheap way to add HP to any mog!
price $1,200.00
Unimog Oil Filter housing
Oil Filter Housing
352 oil filter housing used on 406-416 Unimogs.
orig. price $200.00
$150.00 each
Unimog Motor Mount Unimog Motor Mount
Motor mount cradle for 352.
orig. price $95.00
Unimog 352 Air Compressor Unimog 352 Air Compressor
Compressor cylinder, Piston/rings with connecting rod. Low hours.
price $295.00 for three bolt
price $375.00 for four bolt
Unimog Injector Unimog Injector
Used but good fuel injectors. Have these rebuilt while you still drive your truck, then just swap them out.
price $45.00 each
Unimog Valve Covers Unimog Valve Covers
Early and late design.
price $95.00 (early design)
price $125.00 (late design)
Unimog Side Tin Unimog Side Tin
Side tins and front cover.
price $35.00 each
Unimog Pulley and Dampner Unimog Pulley and Dampner
Front pulley and dampner for the 406-416 trucks.
price $95.00 for dampner
Unimog Fuel Filter Housing Unimog Fuel Filter Housing
Housing with mounting bracket.
price $125.00
Unimog 352 Head Unimog 352 Head
Send this one out for a valve job while still driving your truck. Then make the swap. Later style used on both NA and turbo motors.
price $495.00
Unimog Bell Housing Unimog Bell Housing
I have seen a few of these that are cracked from the trans. bolts being loose. Replace yours if it is cracked, before you have a major failure!
orig. price $195.00
Unimog Oil Coolers Unimog Oil Coolers
price $95.00 each
Unimog Oil Pump Unimog Oil Pump
This is the high volume oil pump used in the later 352's and spec'd out in all the CASE trucks after 1976. A must have if adding a turbo. Has only 800 hours on it, and came out of a running truck. The pick up tube is for an SBU, so would need to be changed for 406-416.
price $150.00
Unimog SBU Resevoir Tank SBU Resevoir Tank with Bracket
price $65.00
Unimog Motors Unimog Motors
Complete low-hour running motors as well as long and short blocks. Please call for more information.
prices starting at $2,000.00
Unimog Block Unimog Block
Bare 352 block never been machined. All standard size. Only 1,350 hours on it. Have end cabs, just not pictured.
price $375.00
Unimog Block and Crank Shaft Unimog Block and Crank Shaft
Standard size will need to be bored out. The crank had standard bearing on it, may get away with just a polish. Did not spin any bearings, and they looked good when pulled.
price $375.00 for the block
price $495.00 for the crank.
Unimog Plastic Fan Unimog Plastic Fan
Replace that broken fan now.
price $115.00
Unimog Exhaust Manifolds
Unimog Exhaust Manifolds
price $225.00 each
Unimog IP Pump Unimog IP Pump
Off of a 416 with 110 hp. Will need to be serviced, as I don't know when it was last on a running motor. New over $5,800.00!
price $395.00
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Unimog Front Fenders
Unimog Front Fenders
Came off of a 79' CASE truck, and were removed and sat in storage. Have some surface rust and a few dents, but will be an easy repair. Like new with a little work!
price $350.00
Unimog 406-416 Rear Sway Bars 406-416 Rear Sway Bars
A must for heavy loads.
orig. price $425.00 each
ON SALE $300.00 each
Unimog Bed Latches
Unimog Bed Latches
Hinges and latches for factory boxes.
price $25.00-$40.00
Unimog Window Frame
Unimog Window Frame
Have both sides of truck, with and without vent windows.
prices starting at $55.00
Unimog Brake and Clutch Pedals
Unimog Brake and Clutch Pedals
orig. price $50.00 each
ON SALE $25.00 each
Unimog Rear Springs
Rear Springs and Helper Springs orig. price $550.00
Main springs $375.00 / pair
Helper springs $100.00 / pair
Unimog Shock Mounting Bolts
Unimog Shock Mounting Bolts
Replace those rusted, seized mounting bolts with nuts.
price $4.95 each
Unimog Shocks
Unimog Shocks
All have resistance, and are rebuildable.
price $160.00 all four
$45.00 each

Unimog Rubber Dash Pads
Currently SOLD OUT

Unimog Heavy Duty 406 Frame
Unimog Heavy Duty 406 Frame
orig. price $650.00 each
$450.00 each
Unimog Shock Mounts
Unimog Shock Mounts
Replace those bent or damaged shock mounts with these good takeoffs.
price $125.00 each
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Unimog Wiring Harness Unimog Wiring Harness
Main Wiring harness from a 79' CASE Unimog in excellent used condition. Has not been cut to remove and has all ends and fuse boxes still on it. New these are over $1,500.00. Save yourself a bunch of cash and headache by replacing the mouse eaten one in your truck now!
price $650.00
Unimog 12V Heater Blower Fan and Motor
12 Volt Heater Blower Fan and Motor
These are tested and work fine with no noise and spin freely. New these parts list for over $510.00. Replace that bad motor and fan now before the cold weather arrives!
price $225.00
Unimog CASE Plow Lights CASE Plow Lights
Pair of complete CASE plow lights in great condition. Will include two brand new bulbs with this set.
price $300.00
Unimog Blinker/Horn Switch Blinker/Horn Switch
Replace that busted switch today!
price $85.00
Unimog Speedmeter Unimog Speedometer
Out of 1979 CASE Unimog in MPH.
price $50.00
Unimog Cluster Gauge
Unimog Cluster Gauge
Out of a CASE 406.
price $395
Unimog 406-416 Headlights Unimog Headlights
406-416 headlights, reflectors have been painted, missing center bulb covers.
price $75.00 / pair
Unimog Headlight Buckets
Unimog Headlight Buckets
Replace those rusted out buckets for way less than new.
price $25.00 each
Unimog CASE Factory Side Lights and Brackets
CASE Factory Side Lights and Brackets
These are getting harder to find!
price $40.00 / pair
Unimog Heat Shields Unimog Heat Shields price $20.00 each
Unimog Factory 12V Starters Factory 12V Starters orig. price $495.00 each
$250.00 each
Unimog Alternators
Unimog Alternators
price $125.00 each
Unimog Mounting for Sealed Beamed Headlights
Mounting for Sealed Beamed Headlights
orig. price $280.00 each
$195.00 each
Unimog Tachnograph Unimog Tachograph
Out of 1980 416.
price $250.00
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SOLD OUT! Check back for updates.
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Unimog Transmissions Unimog Tranmissions
Sometimes it is cheaper to replace than to repair a tranmission. We have 6, 8 and 20 speed transmissions as well as torque converter transmissions in both 6 and 8 speeds. Prices start at only $2,000.00. Call or email if you need a transmission. We also have used clutchs and parts as well.
prices starting at $2,000.00
Unimog Locker Unimog Locker
Air locker used in all "G" Unimog axles both front and rear.
price $95.00
Unimog Drum Brake Wheel Hubs Drum Brake Wheel Hubs
Have four hubs with wheel studs. Perfect for making spare tire mounts!
price $45.00 each
Unimog 421 Brake Shields 421 Brake Shields
Complete set of 421 drum brake shields.
price $200.00
all 4 brakes
Unimog Steering Arms Unimog Steering Arms
Replace that broken or bent steering arm today!
price $185.00 each
Unimog Transmission Mounts Unimog Transmission Mounts
Check to make sure yours are not cracked from the bolts not being tight! If they are cracked, replace right now!
price $95.00 each side
Unimog Air Tanks Unimog Air Tanks
406-416 both drum and disc brake air tanks. Replace that rusted out leaking air tank today!
price $275.00
Unimog 406 Air Tank Brackets 406 Air Tank Brackets
Both disc and drum brake air tank mounting brackets. Replace that rusted out bracket today!
price $65.00 each
Unimog Shift Boots Unimog Shift Boots
Have 6 and 8 speed shift boots!
6 speed
8 speed
Unimog Cascade High Speed 3000 RPM Cascade
PTO with side cover.
price $295.00
Unimog Disc Brake Hub Disc Brake Hub
Fits all 6 bolt hub axles.
price $145.00
Unimog Ring and Pinion Ring and Pinion
with carrier and center axle housing. Standard gearing. Removed for super fast conversion. Excellent used condition.
price $550.00
Unimog 540/1000 PTO 540/1000 PTO two speed $695.00
single speed price $395.00
Unimog PTO Shafts PTO Shafts
Call for pricing.
Unimog Torque Tube Clamp Torque Tube Clamp
Replace that broken one now!
price $95.00 each
Unimog 406-416 Steering System 406-416 Steering System
Complete steering system from a 406. Everything from wheel to pitman arm. Just what you need to add powersteering to a 404. New these parts list for over $6,500.00. Save your arms and your wallet with this great deal!
price $1,650.00
Unimog 406-416 Transmission Mount Early 406-416 Transmission Mount
No longer available new. Excellent condition.
price $299.00
Unimog Axles Unimog Axles
Out of a 406 with less than 10k miles. $2,600 for front $1,200 for rear.
price $2,600.00 front
price $1,200.00
Unimog Brake Boosters Unimog Brake Boosters
Removed from running trucks. May or may not need to be rebuilt.
price $295.00 each
Unimog PTO 3000 RPM Bottom PTO
For high output hydraulic pump.
price $250.00
Unimog Calipers Completely Rebuilt Rear Calipers
Unimog Boots Drag Link with New Boots
orig. price $350.00
ON SALE $295.00
Unimog Disc Clutch 20 Speed Dual Disc Clutch
Completely rebuilt to factory specs. Includes rebuildable core.
price $995.00
Core charge $500.00
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Unimog Lug Socket Lug Socket
Tool used for removing the lug nuts. From the factory tool kit.
price $18.00
Unimog Tilt Brackets Tilt Brackets
Used on 406 and 416 both standard and doka cabs. Required to tilt cab without damage.
price $145.00 / pair
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